Rules of the club

We offer a place, where all your wishes can come true. Here our guests have the possibilty to live out their fantasies. But on the other hand, we always need to follow certain rules.

  • People under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter.
  • Use of cell phones is prohibited!!
  • Most important: Everything is possible – but nothing is obligatory.
  • If someone just wants to have a look without participating, we do respect that of course.
  • For persons, who prostitute themselves, who are drunk and/or are not well-groomed entry will be denied.
  • Ownership and use of drugs will be reported and will lead to a club ban.
  • In the bar, appropriate evening wear is permitted, however lingerie is encouraged. A towel may be worn.
  • For security reasons, smoking and taking drinks or meal outside the bar area is not allowed.
  • The swingers area must not be entered with streetwear.
  • For your personal hygiene, we offer showers, towels, condoms and other hygienic supplies. Please make a use of these!
  • Please throw all used items into the allocated bins!
  • The club is neither responsible for any theft nor loss of valuables or personal items nor any injuries occuring inside the club.
  • A lady´s security is our first priority. Women can feel absolutely safe in our club. They can just flirt and get in touch with the people they choose.
  • To guarantee a balanced men / women proportion, entry for single-men is limited.
  • You must treat other clients with the same respect you will like to receive back from other guests.

Now you are ready for an exclusive night at the club Elixir de Fuego.
You won´t regret it. We wish you a pleasant visit!

Your hospitants,
Ela, Sascha & Lukas