Service conditions


0. The user or visitor of the web page has the obligation to read the conditions of benefit of the service that are detailed in this text, so that it assumes these as valid in the benefit of the service.

1. Objectives of the website : The website is to publicize the liberal club.

2. Conditions of use of the content and services provided on this website:

It is not allowed the reproduction of the contents (of any type) published in without the express consent of the author of this website. In this case we are talking about texts, graphics, source code, and any other content that is served from this website.

2.2.- This website may contain third party content. In any of the cases, and as it is always the intention to respect the copyright and the laws of copyright, if there was any minimum problem with respect to any material published in this web, it is requested that they contact through the email: and the content will be removed (after being verified) with the maximum possible celerity, since it is the first intention the respect for the rights of author and the work of others.

2.3.- The author of this website is not responsible for the misuse that is made of the content displayed on this website ().

2.4.- There is no economic exploitation through this website.

2.5.- This website does not collect any private information about the visitor. (see Privacy Policy). Data are only collected if the user decides to introduce them punctually, to make use of the contact services that the website additionally offers, and for the so-called “cookies” for the proper functioning of the system.

2.6.- The author is not responsible for the malfunction of the system or
service provided on this website, although it is always intended and works to provide the best service.

2.7.- The author of the website uses the same as an advertising medium and is not responsible for bad service or problems arising from the announced services, so that the advertising and subsequent services that this sends are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

2.8.- In this web page () there are NO illegal contents (child pornography, apology of terrorism, or any other type of illegal content).